Victory Sheriff 22

Victory Sheriff 22

Victory Sheriff 22 head and cabinet amplifier, as new! Dual-channel head at 22 watts, powered by EL84 and 12AX7 valves. 1x12 60-watt cab. The head has a separate low power speaker output at 0.3 watts—perfect volume for bedroom players without any compromise in tone! The two modes, 'Volume I' and 'Volume II', controllable with the footswitch, offer more options in sound. Volume I has plenty of overdrive if desired, with a softer, more vintage focus in midrange. While Volume II gives more gain, punchy mids, and a tighter bottom end. Of course, you can always roll back your guitar volume for a much cleaner tone. It's very portable with its incredible light-weight. This very versatile amp is, as previously stated, like brand new! Includes dust cover for the cab and a padded carry bag for the head.

Feature Rundown

  • Footswitchable modes ‘Volume I’ & ‘Volume II’
  • 0.3 watt separate speaker out
  • Series effects loop with hard bypass
  • External bias test points and adjustment
  • Skeletonised metal case with rubber handle
  • Padded carry bag included.
  • Single-button footswitch for channel change included
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