VanAmps Sole-Mate Jr. Spring Reverb

VanAmps Sole-Mate Jr. Spring Reverb

VanAmps Sole-Mate Jr. Spring Reverb pedal, in very good used condition and perfect working order! Discontinued in 2015. Boxed with EU power supply.

"The Sole-Mate Jr is a first of its kind, a spring reverb designed for pedal boards. It's component design allows the user to place just the control head of the system on the pedal board while the actual tank is located remotely, either under or at a short distance from the pedal board. The small head unit is normally attached to the pedal board with hook and loop methods commonly used on today's pedal boards. The spring tank can also be mounted via this method or with small screws utilizing the holes on the spring tank flange. Mount the spring tank with the open side toward the mounting surface to prevent damage to the springs. Connect the head unit to the spring tank with the attached RCA cables, plugging the RED plug into the OUT jack on the tank and plugging the BLACK plug into the IN jack on the tank."

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