Tru-Fi Ultra Tremolo

Tru-Fi Ultra Tremolo

Tru-Fi Ultra Tremolo, new.


20 years ago, I was in a pawn shop in Brooklyn, NY which had very little guitar gear, at which point I came across an odd Tremolo pedal by Kent, old from the 60s. I plugged it in and I was just shocked at fat, warm and huge it sounded. I actually had never heard anything like it, this was different, it sounded so musical everything just sounded so good when you played it. The unit was basic, Depth, Speed and a Fast Slow switch but omg it sounded incredible - I wanted it - PROBLEM I had no money. I told the guy at the counter it wasn't very good and he shoved it in an over-crowded cabinet. He wasn't a player, and I could tell didn't care a dam about my little box. 

GOOD - hopefully no one find's it. Please no one find it !

A week later I came back, and there is was stuffed in the same spot, I told the guy I would take it. He actually remembered - you said it was aweful ? Oppssss well I think I changed my mind, paid him and ran off to the subway like "The Kids from Goonies" with the treasure. I got  home and it was even better with a decent amp, and a real strat. So musical, it even pulsed when you put gain into it almost Vibe like - I LOVED THIS PEDAL. I told myself, someday I am going to make this Tremolo pedal - I actually remember says this in my head.

Well today is the day, 20 years and it is ready for sale ! 

It is a take off of the Schaller Tremolo which branded them for the Kent guitar company 50 years ago. I updated some parts to make the unit more useful, I put in a blinking LED, and it sounds exactly to the original. How do I know, because I have the original from that pawnshop although it is now kinda out of the enclosure to check things for this new creation. I will post a pix of this shortly ! 

How good is it ? Beyond good, a guitar god friend of mine in London told me on the phone "You know that is greatest tremolo pedal every made no one know's about - your now going to let everyone know the secret". Ahhhhhhhh yeah sorrrry it is just too good not to !! 

As I said it is basic with great tone ! If you want a Tremolo pedal with 1/8 and 1/32 notes and 7 sine waves, run by a DSP chip this is not for you. If you want an old school Tremolo with transistors, old school resistors and cap....that does a few things EXTREMELY WELL THIS IS FOR YOU ! A real toneful Pulsing Tremolo pedal that is just really beautiful in it's pulse."

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