Tru-Fi Pedals Zosa Fuzz

Tru-Fi Pedals Zosa Fuzz

Tru-Fi Pedals Zosa Fuzz, new.

"A hand-made recreation of the famous Vox Tonebender. These are just killer reproductions, in a enclosure that is half the size but while unique it still hints of the original. Inside the unit you will find correct "real" OC75 transistors, that are adjustable biased to create perfect tone. We even made it with a power inverter circuit so you can use a negative tip 9V power supply and not have to worry about power.

The circuit is the same as the original Tonebender but with an adjustable bias resistor so you can make sure you have the perfect tone. Or you can change the bias and dial in that 60's cheese-fuzz sound and much more. The Retro Transistors just give a the REAL TONE you so desire.

These pedals are tone machines, always try to use an amp that has some mild grit, the addition of fuzz at that point is the secret to tone. If the attack is set between 9 and 12 o'clock you a nice crunchy power chord punch, dial it up to 1 to 2 o'clock and the lead tone is to die for. Just chunky and thick and fat and KILLER. If you push the fuzz all the way out it get's crazy thick, gnarly, buzz, crazy just like the original.

Of course, the Tru-Fi Zoso Fuzz is true bypass, sports LED, and comes in a cool cigar box!"
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