Tru-Fi Pedals Octavia Fuzz

Tru-Fi Pedals Octavia Fuzz

Tru-Fi Pedals Octavia Fuzz, new.

"The legendary Octavia Fuzz Pedal which goes all the way back to Jimi and Purple Haze with it's beautiful and aggressive upper octave fuzz tones which are just undeniably recognizable and inspiring.  This is based on the Tycobrahe Octavia which are incredibly hard to find because well they where only around for a few years and they didn't make a lot. I did a lot of detail work on this, I got the paint as close as I could to powder coating so its tough and durable. I got the right transistors as usual, the right transformer inside, and I set it up so the circuit is negative 9V as it should but you can use a stock 9V Neg Tip PS supply.  Others do it but reverse the polarity of the circuit, it will sound ehhh close but not right. I want it to be right for the best tone possible for you guys so I put the extra work in and components to flip the polarity at the plug but not the circuit. 

You will also see a switch on it so you can turn the octave OFF, and get just a cool 70s Fuzz Tone which is convenient to have. But man I love the Octavia tone, it is HUGE sounding, it tracking like its suppose to. It is aggressive and also chimmey and chinging.  What is chinging and chimmey ???? Well you know it is an Octavia - you can't describe it if you never heard one. I plugged it in when I built the prototype - turned up loud and BAMMMMMM IT IS HUGE SOUNDING !! HUGE ! "

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