Thorpy FX Pulse Doppler Analog Phaser
Thorpy FX

Thorpy FX Pulse Doppler Analog Phaser

ThorpyFX Pulse Doppler Analog Phaser, new. 

"The Thorpy FX Pulse Doppler marries rich analog phase shifting, vibrato, and tremolo into one beguiling modulator that recalls the characteristic pitch-warp motion of nature’s own Doppler effect. It creates a throbbing, frequency-modulated pulse that can offer everything from a subtle sense of movement, to dramatic, stuttering tremolo effects. Designed by Adrian Thorpe and former Lovetone designer Dan Coggins, the Pulse Doppler takes the best of classic phase shifting and vibrato effects and pushes them into the future, for the ultimate in analog stompbox design.

You might think this pedal is a Doppelganger for a previous classic, yet it’s somehow also a brand-new sound. "

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