Swart Super Spacetone 30

Swart Super Spacetone 30

Swart SST-30/Spacetone 30, in good used condition. The big brother to our shop amp, it's a killer 30w+ plus half-stack. Ridiculously versatile, one of the most harmonically rich amps we've ever heard.

 All Tube ~ No Solid State ~ Trem/Verb Valves!
 Powered by FOUR 6V6 Valves (Twin EL-34 Sub)

 3 12AX7 & 1 12DW7 for Pre/Trem/R'Verb

 GZ-34 Tube Rectification ~ NO SS! Smoooth!
 Cathode Biased
 Master Volume Control ~ Standby Switch
 High / Low Inputs
 Foot Switch Operation
 30+w depending on valves (it cranks!)
 Cabinet 2 12" Celestion G12M (open back cab)
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