Roshi Pedals R Fuzz
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Roshi Pedals R Fuzz

Roshi Pedals R Fuzz, new.

"This pedal is based on a '74 Ram's Head Big Muff. 
This 74Ram is an FS36999/White can. It is said to have a varsity of sound among the Ram's which are said to have a different sound depending on the age.

The sound is dark with a strong push of low mids. However, it also has a unique sound with some fluff.

It is not a clone in appearance because the sound is prioritised. However, the layout of the board and the printing on the top are reminiscent of original Ram Head's.

•Transistor: Vintage Japanese made.The model number is a secret, but it looks like a miniature FS36999.Legs are gold and very cute.

•Resistor: 80% of the resistors are vintage Carbon Composition and I used cheap Resistor at first, but as I pursued the sound, AB, TRW and Stockpole became 80%.

•capacitor: I chose to use the same material as the 74Ram's. The film and ceramic are vintage Japanese capacitor. The film and ceramic are vintage Japanese made. Electrolytic capacitors are an existing product.

•The jacks and footswitches that have a big influence on the sound are made of 50s-60s Alpha.

•power supply: 9V battery or 9V DC center negative.
•With LED
•true bypass"

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