RoShi Pedals ELF Fuzz
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RoShi Pedals ELF Fuzz

RoShi Pedals ELF Fuzz, new.

"This is a faithful recreation of the legendary Triangle Big Muff copy made in the late 60’s, early 1970’s by the Japanese Hoshino Gakki ELK Inc.

RoShi has compared 10 units of the original ELK BIGMUFF SUSTAINER, found the best one and re-created it. 

"ELF FUZZ" is made by measuring the components of the original and building it in accordance with how the values of the components change over time, making this an exceptional fuzz unit.

· The transistor’s used are very old Japanese made transistor’s that have the same shape as the original, called the silkhat.

· Capacitors are ceramic capacitors from the 60's and 70's.

· Two resistors may be used in one place to match the resistance of the actual machine.

· The board has almost the same layout as the actual machine.

· Middle cut switch not found in the original.

· 9V battery or 9V DC JACKcenter positive)

Please note this is a center positive power supply jack"

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