Rodenberg GAS-789B NG Bass Guitar Overdrive

Rodenberg GAS-789B NG Bass Guitar Overdrive

Rodenberg GAS-789B NG Overdrive, in great used condition. Unboxed.

"The GAS-789B NG from Rodenberg is an effect pedal for bass and combines three completely separate GAS-707B NG Clean Boost, GAS-808B NG Overdrive and GAS-909B NG Overdrive in one housing. Both the GAS-707B NG, -808B NG and -909B NG have separate BASS Boost switches which, by activation, raise the lower frequencies. So the sound gets more pressure and still remains differentiated.

This effect pedal also has a BOLT switch. BOLT mode (Rocker Switch ON) allows you to switch back and forth at the touch of a foot on the corresponding GAS-808B NG or GAS-909B NG pedal. Only the pedal that has just been pressed is ON. Of course, the individual pedals can also be switched ON / OFF as usual. The BOLT mode refers ONLY to the GAS-808B NG and the GAS-909B NG, the 707B NG Clean Boost can also be switched to BOLT mode at any time.

Besides the BOLT switch there are also the 798 and the 808 switch. Using the 808 switch, the GAS-909B NG is reduced to one GAS-808B NG, so that in addition to the GAS-707B NG Clean Boost, you now get two identical GAS-808B NG Overdrive. By pressing the 798 switch the signal chain of the GAS-789B NG changes from normal Bass-GAS 707B NG-GAS 808B NG-GAS 909B NG-Amplifier to Bass-GAS 808B NG-GAS 909B NG-GAS 707B NG-Amplifier."

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