Revv G3 Purple Channel Distortion (Secondhand)

Revv G3 Purple Channel Distortion (Secondhand)

Revv G3 Purple Channel Distortion, in very good used condition. Boxed.

"You’re well on your way towards epic modern metal guitar tone with the Revv G3 distortion pedal. And with its three selectable “aggression” modes, which tailor how much gain you’re working with, you’ll be able to dial in a sound for any occassion. The Revv G3 sounds incredibly chunky, with plenty of girth and presence depending on how you set the EQ knobs. Single notes pack a formidable punch, while chords sound well defined. Best of all, this versatile pedal sounds good anywhere in your rig — in front of an amplifier, or in its effects loop, or before a modeling processor, or even direct into a cabinet modeler. In other words, the Revv G3 distortion pedal is your one-stop solution for epic rock tone in any context."

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