Revv G3 Distortion

Revv G3 Distortion

Revv G3 Distortion, new.

The G3 is a powerful distortion pedal made by high-gain amp masters, Revv Amps. This pedal captures their signature aggressive distortion tones in an easy-to-use pedal format and the pedal comes with varying degrees of gain allowing you to go from chunky, thick rhythm tones to searing lead tones that will have you cutting through the mix.

The layout is fairly standard, and will be familiar to you if you've used a few different distortion pedals. It's got a bass, middle and treble control that'll allow you to sculpt the EQ output to match the guitar you're using and this EQ is quite versatile whether you're using a 7/8/9 string guitar or a standard 6 string.

  • Amp in a box voicing based on our signature Revv Purple Channel from the Generator 120 & 100P
  • Clear, sustaining, amp-like tone
  • Used by premier metal artists worldwide
  • 3 band EQ, volume, & gain
  • 3 Aggression modes shape voice & saturation of your tone
  • 9v center negative tip (external power supply only)
  • Easy to dial – get good tone quickly
  • Blue LED for status confirmation
  • Reflective purple, laser-etched, powder coated chassis
  • Optimized for analog, digital, & hybrid rigs
  • Over 16 revisions & 1 year of R&D
  • Top-mounted jacks


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