Quad 306 Amplifier

Quad 306 Amplifier

Quad 306 Amplifier, in perfect working order.
"The Quad 306 is a stereo power amplifier that comes equipped with an RCA input. The efficiency of the Quad stereo power amplifier is expressed by the root mean square value, which at 4 Ohms is x2 70 W and at 8 Ohms is 50 W, whereas the total harmonic distortion is only 0.003%. As far as the performance is concerned, the signal to noise ratio for the Quad 306 stereo amplifier has the value of 105 dB while the output voltage is 220 V and the device falls into the power class A. The input sensitivity of the stereo amplifier is measured to be 350 V when the resistance value is 8 Ohms and the input impedance comes in at 20 kOhms. The Quad stereo power amplifier makes use of the patented current dumping output circuit technology which means that the device incorporates both a heavy duty high-power amplifier and high-quality low-power amplifier, thus maximising the sound quality. The Quad 306 is typically used with a Quad control unit but other signal sources could be attached too."
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