Nux NTU-3 Flow Tune Tuner

Nux NTU-3 Flow Tune Tuner

Nux NTU-3 Flow Tune Tuner, new.

"The Flow Tune combines a large colored LCD screen with 3 display mode options (a Strobo mode and 2 Arrow modes), designed to be easy to read and tune. There are 3 bypass modes, including an innovative Buffered Bypass Monitor mode. It is easy to set up and will bring your pedalboard a unique highlight. Flow Tune (NTU-3) features 3 practical tuning modes: Chromatic, Guitar, and Bass. Besides, it offers true bypass, Buffered Bypass as well as Buffered Bypass Monitor mode which can help you monitor the tuning even while you are playing on the stage. Under the Buffered Bypass Monitor mode, the output remains unmuted no matter whether the tuner is activated or deactivated.


  • ​Hot Pink color exterior.
  • 3 practical tuning modes (Chromatic/Guitar/Bass).
  • High-definition and large-size colorful LCD display.
  • 3 tuning display mode options: a Strobe mode and 2 Arrow modes.
  • 3 bypass modes: True Bypass, Buffered Bypass, and Buffered Bypass Monitor.
  • Compact size, easy to fit any pedal boards.
  • Comfortable pressing feedback with specially designed footswitch."
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