Moose Electronics Nomad Octave Fuzz
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Moose Electronics Nomad Octave Fuzz

Moose Electronics Nomad Octave Fuzz, new.

"Taking the 70s Foxx Tone Machine as the jumping off point I’ve kept the essence of the octave up generator and fuzz. I’ve then made some additions and modifications to make it super versatile for both bass and guitar as well as anything else you want to throw at it. Starting with a three way clipping switch to give three levels of compression and headroom, we have vintage Germanium diodes for the most compressed fuzz sound, then middle for most headroom and dynamics and lastly silicon diodes for a happy medium these two.

The rest of the circuit is where it gets interesting, instead of a one knob tone control with a permanent mid scoop there are treble and bass controls ala the vintage Matamp and Orange Amplifiers but optimized for extra low-end punch. This allows a super wide range of tone settings from hug bass, piercing highs, scooped mids, chest crushing fat mid punch and everything in between all from just the two knobs.

Lastly there’s a Jfet powered clean blend with a three-way passive low pass filter to preserve clean low end, varying from lows and low mids to quite hard low pass to give the clean signal more of a sub bass quality.
There are two footswitches, one for effect bypass and one to conveniently turn on or off the octave up.

I recommend starting with all knobs at noon.

The pedals are hand pulled screen prints so they may vary from piece to piece but the sample picture will give a good indication of how they'll look. Feel free to get in touch for more info regarding the prints or anything else."

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