Moose Electronics Electric Elk Fuzz
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Moose Electronics Electric Elk Fuzz

Moose Electronics Electric Elk Fuzz, new.

"The fulfilment of my quest for the ultimate Big Muff inspired fuzz pedal, taking my favourite parts of the later Sovteks and the early Ram’s Heads plus many years of experience with probably every type of muff that’s been produced.

Mostly taking the gain structure of the Violet Ram’s Head and tonal qualities of the Sovteks I then added my midrange control so it can be dialled from the classic mid scooped tones to heavily boosted thick mids.

Designed for lower noise floor and a pedalboard friendly enclosure with top jacks for both audio and power.

The pedal graphics are hand pulled screen prints on powder coated cases. Colours can vary from run to run, feel free to get in touch for more info.

All pedals are true bypass as standard and powered by the industry standard (boss style) negative tip 9V DC power supply. For best results use a reputable regulated pedal power supply.

  • Inspired By Both The Black/Bubble Font Sovtek and Ram’s Head Muffs

  • BC549C Transistors

  • Additional Mid Control for scooped, flat or mid boosted tones.

  • Pedalboard friendly size and layout."

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