Moose Electronics Dobsky Fuzz VBass
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Moose Electronics Dobsky Fuzz VBass

Moose Electronics Dobsky Fuzz, new. Hand-made in Dublin. Finishes may vary.

"Inspired by my personal favourite Big Muffs the 90s Sovtek branded Russian big box muffs the Dobsky stays true to their sounds with gain selected NOS transistors and diodes as used in the Tall Font muffs. The addition of a mids or scoop control allows you to dial in the classic mid scooped sounds through flat mids at 12 o'clock through massively boosted mids fully clockwise. Ad a three way toggle to this and you can push or scoop lower mids or super low mids depending on toggle position. Centre of toggle is traditional setting with up being lower and down being lowest almost bass boost. The tone control itself consists of combined low pass and high pass filters allowing you to cut bass and push treble and cut treble and push bass. The combination of the tone control, mids control and mids toggle switch gives endless tonal variations.

The gain or fuzz control sets the amount of fuzz, in these pedals we use a logarithmic control instead of the traditional linear which gives much more control over lower gain settings without sacrificing the higher gain region, perfect for pushing your single channel vintage amp. I recommend starting with the fuzz control at max and dialing it back to your desired level of fuzz. In addition to the gain control there is a clipping diode toggle to select traditional Russian Silicon Diodes, no diodes or LEDs for more crunch and less compression.

This bass version also has a clean blend control, rather than making up for low end loss which is extremely small in this pedal it allows clean low end through giving you the option of driving the tone control much higher so you get a really cutting fuzz without sacrificing low end. In addition to the clean blend there is a low pass filter to cut high end on the clean signal removing any unwanted string noises etc. There are three settings on the toggle with center being the least high end cut, up next and down even more high cut giving the clean a sub bass quality.

The pedals are hand pulled screen prints so they may vary from piece to piece but the sample picture will give a good indication of how they'll look. Feel free to get in touch for more info regarding the prints or anything else."

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