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Moose Electronics Dobsky Fuzz

Moose Electronics Dobsky Fuzz, new.

"After too long of a hiatus the definitive Dobsky is here. Essentially an evolution of the Dobsky VB that was previously available with some nice improvements and new livery.

The most obvious change is that there is now two toggles. The low pass filter on the clean blend is now preset to take a small amount of treble off the top. I find it’s akin to having the tone knob of your bass back at about 75% so that the very high frequencies are all distorted while you can still blend in some clean midrange and low end as desired. The low pass is a bunch more noticeable on guitar but still very useable and useful.

I’ve also tweaked a few other parts of the circuit for a touch more gain. I’ve found tweaking the input stage works well for me along with using some NOS Russian diodes in the second clipping stage, same ones used in both the Civil War and Tall Font versions), these have a little more saturation and different character to the modern 1n4148s used in the first clipping stage. The combination here gave me the closest tone to the reference muffs I have available.

The following paragraph applies more to the Dobsky VB but I’ve left it here as a hand reference to where I’m coming from…

Having used the vG for years on bass, I decided it was time to revisit the circuit to perfect Sovtek fuzz tone specifically for bass. The key ingredient too nailing the tone was matching the NOS Russian transistors to the ones in my personal reference muffs. In addition to the vG mids control, I added a toggle switch to shift the centre of the mid frequency to enable even heavier low mid punch. I then added a clean blend, with a low pass filter (aka high cut), to allow players to mix in their clean low frequencies if and when it's needed. I'm proud to present authentic Russian muff tones along with all the extra features required of bass players and guitarists today. This is the pedal if you're chasing the Sonic Youth, Sunn O))), Weezer, Dave Gilmour and Black Keys muff tones with a little extra.

Current active users include Tanya of Bismuth, Stevie and Brian of Junk Drawer, Gordon Watson of Melting Hand/Terminal Cheesecake.

The pedal graphics are hand pulled screen prints on powder coated cases. Colours can vary from run to run, feel free to get in touch for more info.

All pedals are true bypass as standard and powered by the industry standard (boss style) negative tip 9V DC power supply. For best results use a reputable regulated pedal power supply.

  • Inspired By The Original Sovtek Muffs (both Civil War and Tall Font versions)

  • Hand selected NOS KT3102E Russian Transistors

  • Additional Mid Control With Frequency Toggle

  • Improved Control Over Lower Gain Tones

  • Three Clipping Modes & Clean Blend With Low Pass Filter"

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