Moose Electronics Cosmic Tremorlo Percussive Tremolo
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Moose Electronics Cosmic Tremorlo Percussive Tremolo

Moose Electronics Cosmic Tremorlo Percussive Tremolo, new.

"Now a part of the full production line of effects, the Cosmic Tremorlo is a Percussive Tremolo based on the old Vox Repeat Percussion made famous by Spaceman 3. It features three additional controls for added functionality and versatility. You can clearly hear the Cosmic Tremorlo in action on the Fontaines DC song Televised Mind and Wild Rocket song Edges of Reality.

Features include:

  • Rate control to set speed of the tremolo.
  • Toggle switch gives three rate ranges, from slow and heavy to pseudo Ring Mod territory.
  • Depth to adjust depth or intensity of the effect, functions almost like a mix or blend of the original signal. I love it about a quarter turn back from max which gives some of the unaffected signal along with plenty of percussive tremors.
  • Level to set overall level, can be set at unity or above or below unity volume. Unity is usually at 12 noon but should adjusted to taste and to match your rig set up."
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