Moose Electronics Brass Neck Overdrive
Moose Electronics

Moose Electronics Brass Neck Overdrive

Moose Electronics Brass Neck, new.

"Low to medium gain overdrive.

The aim with the Brass Neck was to create a drive with a flat wide frequency response with just the right amount of natural compression. There’s also plenty of volume on tap to drive the front end of your favourite amp.

Based around a low noise Opamp and two pairs of Germanium diodes. Tweaking gives different types of good tones across the full range of the tone controls. There’s a gentle valve-like compression without sacrificing any frequencies followed by a little mid range compression which is achieved without creating any mid hump typical of many overdrive pedals.

As you may have figured by now this pedal is all about creating the perfect balance, be that compression without sacrificing any frequencies, gain without sacrificing clarity, mid focus without any honk. Works perfectly as an always on effect or used for a little (or a lot) extra is needed for solos or louder choruses.

  • Dual gain stage

  • Germanium diode

  • Opamp Overdrive

  • Baxandall Treble & Bass Controls

  • Warm musical compression

  • Wide bandwidth with no mid hump

  • Mosfet Output Stage"
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