Moose Electronics Battle Hammer Overdrive/Distortion
Moose Electronics

Moose Electronics Battle Hammer Overdrive/Distortion

Moose Electronics Battle Hammer, new. Hand-made in Dublin.

"Starting life as a highly tuned LM308 Rat based distortion with the addition of treble and bass controls in the form of a Baxandall style shelving eq giving the ability to cut and boost treble and bass while also cutting and boosting the mid range frequencies. With treble and bass controls below 12 o'clock the mids are boosted and above 12 they are cut. This gives a near endless variety of tonal options. There is also a bunch more low end available so low end loss for low tunings, baritones etc.

The pedal also includes an always in circuit 20 dB clean boost. When the boost footswitch is engaged there is a volume increase of up to 20dB with absolutely no change to the tone of the pedal. With that said driving any amp with that much volume will most likely change the tone of the amp as the preamp is driven harder.

The clipping toggle also included allows the user to flick between traditional Silicon clipping diodes on one side to LEDs on the other side just like those found in the Turbo Rat. The middle position gives the option of no clipping diodes for a less compressed open drive/distortion. Between this toggle and the gain knob the Battlehammer goes from almost clean through various stages of drive and distortion all the way to fuzz with the gain knob maxed.

The pedals are hand pulled screen prints so they may vary from piece to piece but the sample picture will give a good indication of how they'll look. Feel free to get in touch for more info regarding the prints or anything else."

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