Mesa Engineering Cab Clone 16 Ohms
Mesa Boogie

Mesa Engineering Cab Clone 16 Ohms

Mesa Engineering Cab Clone 16 Ohms, cabinet simulator, in great used condition. Unboxed.

"The Cab Clone is a passive speaker simulator and load box from Mesa Engineering, those Californian purveyors of knob-laden, multi-channel, high-performance guitar amps. Perhaps surprisingly then, this is a relatively simple device, priced resolutely at the affordable end of the scale. The Cab Clone is designed to sit between your amp and speaker and deliver a balanced output with cabinet simulation, whether for studio-recording or live-sound purposes. An internal load means you can also disconnect your speaker altogether for silent recording or practice, with an additional headphone output to aid the latter. There are so many more guitar players out there than any other strain of instrumentalist that the music-technology market tends to skew in their direction. As in every other department, guitarists are spoilt for choice when it comes to load boxes, power soaks, DI boxes and cab simulators."

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