Maxon PT999 Phase Tone

Maxon PT999 Phase Tone

Maxon PT999 Phase Tone, new.

"The Maxon PT-999 Phase Tone Pedal is equipped with exactly the same circuitry as the original 1974 model, replicating those iconic phase tones that have appeared on many recordings from the 70's. This simple phase pedal features hand-selected FET's, and delivers a variety of expressive phase tones that will add texture to your sound. Its simple circuitry doesn't get in the way of your guitar tone, and the true bypass switching ensures a clean sound when not in use.

  • Classic 70’s phasing ala’ vintage Phase 90
  • Hand-selected Toshiba FET’s
  • Chewy, organic phasing with subtle drive
  • Nails classic Van Halen phase sound"
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