Martin Mandolin Brothers 1934 D-28 Herringbone Reissue 1979

Martin Mandolin Brothers 1934 D-28 Herringbone Reissue 1979

1979 Martin Mandolin Brothers 1934 D-28 Herringbone Reissue, superbly rare and in great condition. This is the very first reissue that Martin ever made, specially ordered by Mandolin Brothers from Martin before there was a custom shop. Martin agreed to build these guitars for Mandolin Brothers based upon Stanley Jay's 1934 Martin Herringbone D-28. Only 125 were ordered and sold very quickly at the time, now this model is incredibly revered by those in the know. Added K&K pickup. A true flatpicker's dream, sounds absolutely stunning. Also comes with a bevy of paraphernalia and paperwork, as seen in the photos. Includes a NOHSC, not pictured.
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