Marshall Zakk Wylde Signature JCM800 2203ZW & 2x12" Cabinet

Marshall Zakk Wylde Signature JCM800 2203ZW & 2x12" Cabinet

One off custom spec'd rig! Marshall Zakk Wylde Signature JCM800 2203ZW head, limited to 600 units - packaged with a custom order 2x12" cabinet. These typically would have come with a 4x12" when ordering the half-stack, the original owner had contacted the Marshall rep at the time here in Ireland to see about getting a smaller cabinet and they were able to facilitate this one-off 2x12" - which even features the "-Z" at the end of the serial to denote this is a custom ordered Zakk Wylde edition, matching the grill cloth on the head perfectly. Sounds incredible! The Zakk Wylde Head is a JCM 800 with unique specs like the famous bullseye circles on the panel, stylish lettering, added effects loop, brown cloth, small gold logo and 6550 power tubes. Includes original dust cover.

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