Marshall JTM-45/Super Bass Duggie Lock Rig 1960's

Marshall JTM-45/Super Bass Duggie Lock Rig 1960's

This absolute beast of a rig is a seriously cool thing to have come into us. This behemoth was previously owned by Doug Lock, the owner of the famous Duggie Burst 1960 Les Paul and he used it as his main gigging setup when he was in proto-metal band Bulldozer in the early 1970's. Consisting of a 1966 JTM-45, 1969 Super Bass and two pre-badge Hiwatt cabinets, it sounds absolutely incredible.

Bulldozer were represented by Tony Iommi's I.M.A. agency and this rig would have seen extensive touring and use in historic venues in the UK such as The Marquee and The Speakeasy in London and The Cavern Club in Liverpool. After Bulldozer disbanded, Doug Lock went on to be guitar tech for numerous famous musicians, including Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, Steve Winwood, Bad Company and The Moody Blues (whom he played live with side stage) and then subsequently went on to become Motorhead's tour manager. Doug later moved to Ireland and this rig resided in Cork until coming to us.

The JTM-45 is all original and is an absolute holy grail amp, Marshall's very first production run offering. The Super Bass is all original aside from some changed capacitors. The pre-badge Hiwatt cabinets are seriously rare and are fully loaded with Goodman Audiom 61 green label 12" speakers. It seems that these cabinets were ordered with the Goodmans originally, as the installation of the speakers appears to be original, likely dating to around 1969.

A jaw-droppingly cool rig with some very interesting provenance.

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