Magnatone Super Fifteen (Ex. Ray LaMontagne)

Magnatone Super Fifteen (Ex. Ray LaMontagne)

Magnatone Super Fifteen, previously owned by Ray LaMontagne. All original aside from plug has been changed - the voltage has been tapped for EU usage. Includes hand-signed COA.

"The Super Fifteen is a very elegant and expertly crafted boutique amp, pushing 15 all tube watts through a factory installed Warehouse Guitar Speakers "British Invasion" ET90 12" driver.

Designed to offer crunchy and detailed British-style breakup, the Super 15 does just that with a simple and intuitive control layout that allows the player to easily dial in the perfect amount of clean headroom or pure tube saturation. Similar to a golden era JMI Vox AC15, this Magnatone utilizes a pair of EL84 power tubes along with a GZ34 rectifier.

A custom choke in the power supply provides a filtered basis for your tone, and Magnatone has gone to great lengths to shape an EL84 based circuit that provides bigger cleans, and more robust, well rounded tones than this tube is typically known for, while retaining the EL84's midrange and smooth breakup characteristics. The essence of the Super Fifteen, as all Magnatone amps, is the true pitch shifting Vibrato.

This circuit has been engineered and optimized to perform well with distortion as well as in clean scenarios. While most vibrato circuits are classified in a clean context, the Super Fifteen breaks that paradigm and incorporates the vibrato into the gain stages so a seamless vibrato effect and the clear voice of the circuit are heard simultaneously. Conventional volume modulating Tremolo is also included to provide players with every tool they'd need."
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