Lollar Imperial Humbucker Set 4C

Lollar Imperial Humbucker Set 4C

Lollar Imperial Humbucker Set 4C, new.

"The Imperial® Humbucker captures the airy top end, balanced midrange, tight lows, and complex overtones of the classic original P.A.F. pickups. We then improved on the design to give you a more balanced frequency response. Its medium output is in the vintage range with a hotter wound bridge pickup compared with a typical vintage set. Our unbalanced coils produce a tight bottom end that complements the pickup's fullness and causes overtones to build after each note is played. Overall, it has a fuller bridge tone and a cleaner and brighter middle position. The neck is hot enough to play on the edge of amp distortion, or you can adjust your picking pressure to achieve a cleaner or dirtier sound as desired. Made with Alnico 2 magnets in the neck and Alnico 5 magnets in the bridge that are degaussed to specific levels unique to the neck and bridge positions. Single-conductor braided shield lead wire and 4-conductor lead wire is available.


Avg. DC: Neck 7.6K, Bridge 8.4K"

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