Kernom Ridge Augmented Analog Overdrive

Kernom Ridge Augmented Analog Overdrive

Kernom Ridge Augmented Analog Overdrive, in excellent used condition. Boxed.

"The Kernom Ridge is the world's first augmented overdrive, boasting an unlimited number of 100% pure analogue clipping options in one circuit. Built on Kernom's unique patented "Analog Morphing Core" technology, the Ridge features powerful pre and post clipping EQ sections and full MIDI compatibility, giving it all the potential to replace any number of different overdrive pedals in your rig! From transparent clean boosts, to mid-punchy "screamer" style overdrives, thick, chewy fuzzes to searing high gains, the Kernom Ridge can do it all with devastating accuracy. Think of it like an amp modeller, only for your overdrive pedals!" 

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