Jackson Audio Golden Boy Joey Landreth Overdrive
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Jackson Audio Golden Boy Joey Landreth Overdrive

Jackson Audio Golden Boy Joey Landreth Overdrive, new.

"The Golden Boy’s tone is based on the Bluesbreaker and King of Tone overdrives, both of which have an organic, amp-like sound. The core tone of the Golden Boy is transparent, open, and natural sounding. It gives some added dirt and bite without masking the tone of your guitar.

However, there’s more than one overdrive in the Golden Boy thanks to the four clipping diode presets. By cycling through the presets via the Drive footswitch you can instantly change the character of your overdrive. Presets includes a classic Tube Screamer sound, asymmetrical clipping for a more complex tone, symmetrical clipping for a more direct sound, and a Vintage Marshall style tone for high headroom and an open sound.

The Jackson Audio Golden Boy is a MIDI-controllable overdrive and boost pedal that gives you a high level of control over your sound. The Golden Boy has been designed in collaboration slide wizard Joey Landreth to create a versatile overdrive with a huge number of tonal options. With four clipping diode modes for different overdrive characteristics, four boost modes, an active 3-band EQ, and MIDI control over all parameters, the Golden Boy is an overdrive that offers incredible flexibility."

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