Hiwatt DR504C - Custom Hiwatt 50 Combo w/ 2x12” British Fane Speakers

Hiwatt DR504C - Custom Hiwatt 50 Combo w/ 2x12” British Fane Speakers

Hiwatt DR504C - Custom Hiwatt 50 Combo w/ 2x12” British Fane Speakers, new. The little brother to the DR103 - the DR504C is a design classic! It has the same controls and features as the DR103, except it uses 2 x EL34 in the power stage, providing a more than generous 50 watts RMS. It is lovingly hand built to the highest possible standards. Together with two British 12” 75-watt English Fane speakers, this can more than provide the levels needed for both studio and on stage.

— Normal and Bright channels with independent High and Low impedance inputs for each channel. Versatile and intuitive, perfect for bringing life out of dark pickups or taming shrill high end in bright pickups.

— Link the two channels for extra punch and dynamic control of your EQ via the independent channel volumes. Unleash the ’jumped’ channel sound Hiwatt is famous for.

— All the clean headroom you could want.

Every DR504C is proudly handcrafted and built to order for you in our Custom Shop in Doncaster, England. Please allow up to 4 week lead time while your amplifier is being meticulously hand-wired.

Wattage: 50W
Channels: Normal, Bright

Inputs: Normal Hi, Normal Low, Bright Hi, Bright Low
Output: 2 x 1/4" Speaker Out

Preamp Valves: 4 x ECC83 (12AX7)*
Output Valves: 2 x EL84
*Optionally replace one ECC83 for phase inverter with an ECC81 (12AT7)

Speakers: 2 x 12" British Fane F70 Speakers
Speaker Wattages: 70W (each)
Speaker Impedances: 16 Ω (each)

  • Normal Volume, Bright Volume
  • 3-Band EQ shared by both channels — Bass, Treble, Middle
  • Presence — Treble Boost shared by both channels
  • Master Volume
  • Standby — On/Off
  • Mains — On/Off

Voltage: Switchable using World Voltage Selector on the rear panel — 100V, 115V, 230V, or 240V

Impedance: Switchable using Impedance Selector on the rear panel — 4 Ω, 8 Ω, or 16 Ω

Based on Hiwatt’s original circuit designed by Dave Reeves.
Original Partridge spec English transformers.
Meticulously hand-wired to Harry Joyce’s exacting military standards.
Proudly manufactured in our Custom Shop in Doncaster, England.

Band Ready — Rugged 18mm Birch-Ply Construction
Road Ready — ’Burned In’ and Tested by our Custom Shop Technicians
Touring Ready — World Voltage and Impedance Selectors
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