Grover Jackson GJ2 Glendora Green Meanie Limited Edition 2013
Grover Jackson

Grover Jackson GJ2 Glendora Green Meanie Limited Edition 2013

2013 Grover Jackson GJ2 Glendora Green Meanie Limited Edition, in very good condition - some wear, pictured. Limited edition model, one of 36 made worldwide. Includes hardcase. 

"This rare Glendora is a representation of a guitar that Grover Jackson lent to Steve Vai for his first tour with the band "Alcatraz". Steve had just taken over the gig from Yngwie Malmsteen and did not have a suitable guitar for his first tour.


It was originally sunburst but he had it painted green during the tour. The guitar was Grover's personal instrument but he generously allowed Steve to keep it, free of charge. It became his mainstay guitar for many years but is long since retired and cherished. Only 36 of these guitars was made - 12 for Europe, 12 for the US and 12 for Asia/Australia."

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