Gibson Custom Shop Collector's Choice #39 '59 Les Paul "Minnesota Burst" Aged 2016
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Gibson Custom Shop Collector's Choice #39 '59 Les Paul "Minnesota Burst" Aged 2016

2016 Gibson Custom Shop Collector's Choice #39 '59 Les Paul "Minnesota Burst" Aged - our jaws were firmly on the floor when this one came in. One of the more revered of the outstanding Collector's Choice series, the "Minnesota Burst" is based on Andrew Raymond's '59 Burst - a beautiful instrument with a great story.

Based on a classic example of the ever elusive "closet find", this incredibly clean example of an original 1959 Les Paul Standard was brought to a dealer in Minnesota by its original owner where it was soon sold to a private collector. It wasn't long after that the guitar made waves through the vintage collector community as one of the more pristine original Bursts to re-appear out of obscurity - before being purchased by noted collector Andrew Raymond in the UK.

Made in more limited quantities as sourcing tops that mirror the specific characteristics in the top needed to replica this gem proved hard to find. The factory ageing on this model is to die for - with painstakingly intricate checking only accentuating the beautifully figured flamed Maple top. 100% original, features Vintage Matched Custom Buckers and it has that classic beefy Mid-'59 neck profile which fits like a glove. Approximately 50 of these guitars were made.

Includes OHSC and all pictured paraphernalia.
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