Fender Vibro-King CSR4 1993

Fender Vibro-King CSR4 1993

From the first year they were made, 1993 Fender Vibro-King CSR 4 Combo Amplifier 3x10 60-watt, in excellent condition, includes original reverb/tremolo foot switch. Bought from original owner.

"Though you might not know it from a casual glance, the Fender Vibro-King is a relative newcomer. When introduced in 1993, the twin Vibro-King was a Custom Shop amp—handwired and vintage styled. The Bruce Zinky designed circuit wasn’t a reissue of a classic Fender tone machine, but rather a reimagining of what a Fender amp could be using key elements of older amps. Over the years the circuit was refined–the early models used an EL84 tube for reverb, but it was replaced with a 6V6 to give it more durability. As it evolved, it’s found favour among some very high-profile players, most notably Pete Townshend, who uses them as the foundation for his stage tone, but also Tom Petty, and blues wunderkind Gary Clark Jr."

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