Fender Blues Junior LTD 2017

Fender Blues Junior LTD 2017

2017 Fender Blues Junior LTD combo, lacquered tweed, in mint / like new condition. 

"A tonal powerhouse. This amp offers an exceptionally defined, powerful response, giving your notes definition, clarity, and grit. The 12" Jensen C12-N speaker has a ceramic magnet, and pumps out each note you play with articulation and definition. No matter what genre you intend to explore through this treasure, you can be sure that it will sound spectacular, with 15W of tube-driven power letting you go as loud as you like. 

 Everyone loves the sound of tubes. The two EL84 power tubes combined with three 12AX7 preamp tubes makes for the perfect setup. Delivering iconic warm, crunchy, vintage-style voicings, they will pump out raw tone and energy, offering classic tube-amp feel. Whether you’re playing clean or with gain, the Blues Junior will deliver your sound with punch and clarity. It's in a league of its own."

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