Catalinbread SFT V1 Overdrive

Catalinbread SFT V1 Overdrive

Catalinbread SFT V1 Overdrive, in excellent used condition. Unboxed.

"When they got the idea for this pedal Catalinbread were trying to create a powerful bass overdrive based on the Ampeg flip-top style amplifier. THough during production of the SFT they realized that it works great for bass and guitar tones especially when you drop tune your favourite 6 string.

Simple Controls Incredible Range

The Catalinbread SFT has a simple 4 knob control layout that is easy to learn and under the hood has a lot of small nuances that let you get a wide range of sounds. All four of the controls do as you would expect being labeled Gain, Volume, Treble and Bass so you can instantly pick it up and get playing.

The Tones

The Ampeg flip-top style amplifiers were well known for being able to deliver some incredible high gain sounds for rock bassists, but over the years guitarists have used them as well for low tuned high gain sounds when they want to keep all the low end in their tone. Although it is known for being able to fill even the biggest mixes with high gain wonder turning down the gain produces a really nice subtle overdrive that many will love."

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