Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2
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Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2

Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2, new.

"The Alexander Syntax Error 2 is our newest noisemaker, designed to help you create your very own arcade soundtrack using guitar, bass, keys, or whatever. Featuring the powerful new FXCore DSP, Syntax Error 2 packs more power, punch, and possibilities than any other Alexander pedal thus far.

Syntax Error 2 features six sound modes, each of which may be tuned, tweaked, and customized to your heart’s desire.


STRETCH This mode records the input signal into a sample buffer, and then plays it back in real-time. Great for glitchy delay effects, random reverse, or freaky feedback.

AIR Grainy, lo-fi reverb effect similar to very early digital and analogue reverberation devices. Early reflections and slow build times make this a unique textural tool.

RING Balanced “ring” modulation effect, adds extra frequencies to the original tone that are mathematically related but not harmonically related. Wild.

CLUBE Math-based cubic distortion and fuzz effect, with tunable resonant filter.

FREQ Frequency shift effect, adds or subtracts a set frequency from the input signal. Like pitch shift but all of the intervals are broken. It’s horrible.

WAVE Time based modulator, used for chorus, vibrato, flanger, and FM effects.

Eight built-in presets give you loads of tones in a single footprint. Add a MIDI controller for up to 32 presets.

Graphical display shows your current preset, knob values, sequencer status, and more.

Seamlessly morph between different knob settings on the fly using an expression pedal or MIDI controller

Versatile and powerful four-step sequencer can control any one of the pedal knobs. Great for creating animated textures, arpeggios, LFO effects, and more.

Advanced stereo routing capabilities, selectable in the global configuration menu. Choose Mono, Stereo Summing, or Stereo. Separate dry output is available in Mono and Stereo Sum modes, and the R / Dry output phase may be inverted to correct phase issues."

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