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Alexander Pedals Quadrant Delay


Alexander Pedals Quadrant Delay, new.

"The Quadrant Audio Mirror Delay Pedal from Alexander pedals is a highly advanced delay unit that offers truly unique and otherworldly flavours of repeated goodness. With 4 delay engines to choose from (magnetic, analogue, digital and lo-fi), you have an entire palette of echo sounds to play with, all within a single compact stompbox.

Neo Series

As part of Alexander's flagship Neo series, the Quadrant has an intuitive built-in 32-bit microcontroller. This gives you not only the capability to save up to 4 presets, but also control effect parameters via an expression pedal or a MIDI device.

If 4 presets isn't enough to meet your delay demands however, with an external MIDI controller you can expand up to a whopping 16 total savable presets!

4 Delay Sounds

The Alexander Quadrant pedals is essentially 4 delay pedals in 1, boasting multiple modes. The magnetic (MAG) mode emulates the sound of an old-school tape echo unit (think EchoPlex), with the repeats having a subtle decay that loses more top-end clarity and fidelity as it continues. You can use the tone knob to affect how bright or dark you want the repeats to be, and this type of delay sounds amazing for embellishing distorted lead tones.

The analogue (BBD) delay mode similarly replicates the sound of a vintage-style delay, however of an iconic solid-state echo unit. With warm-sounding, musical repeats, you can add a touch of modulation to this delay via the Mod knob.

Digital (DIGI) delay will offer more pristine and brighter-sounding repeats, ideal for carefully-constructed Edge-esque melodic patterns. Use the Tone control to adjust the presence of the repeats, and the Mod knob to give the repeats some dramatic movement with thick, surreal modulation.

LOFI is a mode for the experimentalists who are craving to attain something more chaotic. In the words of Alexander, this mode sounds very "dirty and grungy", but can be tamed and cleaned up with the tone knob if you dare...  "

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