Aclam The Woman Tone

Aclam The Woman Tone

Aclam The Woman Tone, new.

"Get the Woman Tone in a box! The Woman Tone is a guitar pedal capable of reproducing Clapton’s main overdriven sound, emphasising frequencies to match Eric’s own 1964 Gibson, without having to reach any control with the hands and that can be used on any guitar and pickup combination. Achieve Eric Clapton’s unique tone with your own rig!

Main features

  • Eric Clapton’s Cream sound put in a box!

We’ve distilled the key elements that shaped Eric’s rig and bottled them inside an stompbox that will let you reproduce his unique rhythmic and solo tones! Using both live and studio recordings of Cream, we’ve fine tuned this pedal to be the closest possible to the one you can hear on the records.

  • Custom humbucker pickup simulation circuit and tone control

We’ve incorporated a pickup simulation circuit reproducing the tonal characteristics of a P.A.F style pickup. This circuit has a buffered input so it will not load or affect the guitar signal. It also has the advantage that it’ll let you put compressors, fuzzes or whatever effect you want in front of the Woman Tone and it will retain its original characteristics.

  • Touch sensitive plexi-inspired overdrive using discrete components

A truly powerful overdrive with a great British character! It has been designed with “blues-rock” in mind, but perfectly suitable for any guitar player seeking a vintage silky tone.

  • Artwork by The Fool’s Marijke Koger Dutch artist

Marijke Koger, creator for the art of Eric Clapton’s Gibson SG “The Fool '', accepted designing a unique artistic interpretation of the Woman Tone. We gave her total freedom to paint whatever she felt the Woman Tone pedal should be represented on canvas and she exceeded our expectations!

  • Smart Track® Fastening System

All our pedals use a custom enclosure designed to perfectly match our Smart Track® pedalboards. Using the side thumb screws you’ll be able to safely lock the stompbox into one of our pedalboards. It was also designed to fit the other pedalboard options in the market"

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