Aclam The Windmiller Preamp

Aclam The Windmiller Preamp

Aclam The Windmiller Preamp, new.

"The Windmiller pedal is an amazing tool to get a vintage gritty tone, both clean and overdriven, due to its unique circuit. Use this versatile preamp to boost the guitar signal and push your amp or overdrive pedals to the limit, or just with a light touch of gain to add a bit of salt and pepper to your tone. Attain the distinctive tone that has not lost relevance over the years and no one else has tried to recreate! Learn Pete Townshend’s trick to get his legendary raw and powerful crunch.


Faithful recreation of our own Grampian Reverberation Type Unit 636 S/N: 1138

We’ve been lucky enough to find an original unit from the 60’s in great shape so we used it as a reference to make the most accurate replica of its preamp yet. We traced the original circuit and made our own schematic to stay true to the original.

Heavily improved signal to noise ratio and increased treble response:

As part of the circuit’s adaptation to a pedal unit we have put an extra effort to make The Windmiller Preamp as quiet as possible, so you barely notice its inherent hiss when it’s on. In addition, we have made the circuit a bit brighter, so you have a greater frequency spectrum on higher frequencies.

Hi. Cut and Lo. Cut tone shaping controls:

To make The Windmiller Preamp more versatile we have included tone cut controls for high and low frequencies. They are extremely useful for use on different amps and any kind of guitar. It’s going to be so easy to match it with different kinds of pickups for live use!

Preamp or clean booster? It’s up to you!:

Due to its low input impedance The Windmiller Preamp will react in different ways depending on the signal source you connect to it. Plug it straight to your guitar before any other device and you’ll be delighted by its unique coloring. Put it after a buffer and you’ll get a super clean and linear booster with the addition of the Lo Cut and Hi Cut controls!

Overload indicator lamp:

We couldn’t resist this cool feature of the original Grampian 636 thus it will be very useful as a signal monitor!"

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