Tone Rider Rebel 90
Tone Rider

Tone Rider Rebel 90


A huge number of guitars come equipped with standard humbuckers, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Using a humbucker-sized P90 can offer a wider, more open sound, and open up new musical avenues.

Powered by twin Alnico 2 bar magnets, and with a strong bass and crisp highs, the Rebel 90 finds the sweet spot between single coil and humbucker tonalities.


Neck Polepiece Spacing: All Rebel 90 neck pickups use 50mm spacing.

Bridge Polepiece Spacing: All Rebel 90 bridge pickups use 50mm spacing.

Baseplates: Rebel 90s have medium-length 9mm baseplate legs for easy installation in a wide variety of instruments.

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