Tom Scholz Bass Rockman Headphone Amp
Tom Scholz

Tom Scholz Bass Rockman Headphone Amp

Tom Scholz Bass Rockman Headphone Amp for Bass, in good used condition. Unboxed.

"The Bass Rockman is a genuine stereo professional product with amazing features for its size:

  • Built-in DBX compressor
  • Stereo chorus, specially voiced for the bass
  • Several filters providing various EQ settings
  • Distortion stage
  • Anti-click filter for people playing bass with a pick

If Boston is the band that has created the Adult Oriented Rock sound, the Rockman is the device that enabled creating the guitar sound of the eighties. From Sports by Huye Lewis - as soon as 1983 - to Satriani's Surfin' with the Alien via ZZ Top (Eliminator, Recycler, etc...) and Don Henley's "Building the perfect beast", the Rockman sound was omnipresent throughout the whole decade.This black box was a real revolution. Considered now as the ancester of the modern digital multieffects, the Rockman was much more than a portable practice amp. It was, more than anything else, the first amp simulator ever made available as a commercial product."


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