Jackson Audio Cory Wong Optimist Dual Overdrive
Jackson Audio

Jackson Audio Cory Wong Optimist Dual Overdrive

Jackson Audio Cory Wong Optimist Dual Overdrive, new.


The Jackson Audio Cory Wong Optimist Dual Overdrive and EQ pedal is all you need to get hair-raising, raucous distortion and studio quality tone control in one little stomp box. Based of the class-leading Klon circuit, the Optimist takes your sound a step further by fusing it with an independent Timmy-style circuit. Made in collaboration with Cory Wong (of Vulfpeck and Fearless Flyers fame) you have a wealth of satisfying, sizzling, overdriven distortion at your command.

Your tone shaping capabilities don't stop at the two potent drive circuits, the Optimist also features a 3 band EQ with a 12db boost or cut per band to offer precise control on your sonics. Additionally, it's MIDI controllable for fluid sound switching mid set, letting you extract all the exhilarating textures offered by this pedal without effort. Finally, thanks to Jackson Audio's impeccable build quality, you've got a pedal that will stand up to life on the road thanks to its robust casing. With a small footprint and top mounted jacks it'll easily fit onto most pedalboards, and once you've heard this delicious distortion, you'll make space regardless!"

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